What Is There To Do On Our Virtual Campus? 
Different. Flourishing. Involved. Friendly. Reliable and Well-Resourced. This is Student Life at the Make It Happen Life Coaching Academy. Students have access to top-quality resources and experiences, such as our campus store (coming soon), career services, and awesome coaching staff; the many different life groups that our students have the opportunity of leading themselves; award-winning retreats; wellness services, cultural workshops and conferences for professional development. For more information about these services please email Michael Mells, Head of Academy, at info@mihlca.com
Personal Coaching and Wellness Services: Need Your Own Coach?
We currently have two phenomenal coaches who are skilled, ready and knowledgeable in key areas to assist you with whatever you may need. Check out our Certified Life Coaches:  
Coach Michael Mells
Certified Master Life Coach

Coach Michael is the Founder and Head of the Academy here at the Make It Happen Life Coaching Academy. Michael has spent most of his life overcoming life challenges and hurdles that has cultivated his passion and skills for coaching others. Everything he have done in his adult life has been based on the idea that we should learn something new every day. Michael have come to believe that people development is a pathway to teaching, not just critical thinking skills, but also collaboration, empathy, and tolerance. The art of developing others can be used to explore important social questions, understand innovative ideas, and create historical context. When we find that place in ourselves that allows us to confidently explore ideas that are new to us, we will be uniquely able to meet the challenges of the future. He is a Graduate of Western Governors University where he studied Marketing Management and Organizational Leadership. It was there that he became a strategist for developing leaders. He believe to be called to equip, affirm and release the gifting of administration, leadership and coaching to a world of new emerging leaders. Professionally, he has over twelve years of youth development experience, leadership, business management as well as church and ministry development.




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Looking to jumpstart your career? Let us help you...
We currently have no employment opportunities available. if you are looking for employment outside of MIHLCA email info@mihlca.com or be sure book an appointment with Coach Michael who has resources for individual seeking employment.