Head of Academy's Welcome,

Greetings and Welcome to the Make It Happen Life Coaching Academy! My name is Michael Mells, the Founder and Head of Academy. I’m glad to see that you are exploring the Make It Happen Life Coaching Academy virtual campus and I appreciate the opportunity to tell you a little bit about this wonderful Academy.


Whether you are a prospective student, a local neighbor or an International partner–Let's Make It Happen by Maximizing Your Potential. It’s not (just) a marketing tagline; it is what we truly believe and the kind of community that we strive to maintain here at the Make It Happen Life Coaching Academy. 


Our Academy is a diverse and student-centered institution located in the vibrant and growing city of Atlanta, Georgia. We proud ourselves for having exceptional coaching staff, small classes, affordable fees, and academic programs that will help you in creating your own success in the career of Life Coaching. 


We are here to Inspire, Educate, Motivate and Empower. We realize potential and want you to soar. We are striving to help every student succeed. I am proud of our Academy and honored to be the Head of Academy. I hope that you will give us a closer look. I am sure you will like what you see. Thanks for considering what the Make It Happen Coaching Academy has to offer!




Michael Mells, Master Life Coach 

​Founder & Head of Academy 

Michael Mells, Head of Academy 

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Our Philosophy

The philosophy of Life Coaching of the Make It Happen Life Coaching Academy is one which provides the very best teaching and learning environment possible. One which is thoughtful and authentic; developing the qualities of self-confidence, integrity and critical thinking, respect for self and others and positive approaches toward school and knowledge, it is the belief of our school that we should foster, in our students beliefs, self-confidence, and a love of learning, while they develop physically, mentally, emotionally and socially into a mature, responsible Life Coach. We are committed to the philosophy that every coach must be placed at the centre of learning, actively acquiring skills needed to think clearly, communicate effectively to make sound decisions and to distinguish among values.